I read this article ( http://hubpages.com/holidays/newyears-2 ) about the Top 10 New Years Resolutions, and began to think, what typical, yet unachievable Resolution was I going to choose for the 2017 year?

– Spend Less, Save More?

– Read More?

– Eat Healthier?

– Become More Organised?

– Workout every day?

I know many of us, become hyped at the beginning of the year and the gyms are packed for about a month and then our momentum begins to dwindle quickly. Life gets in the way, and all of a sudden the next year hits and we pick another unattainable resolution.

But what about Homeownership? Prepping yourself to purchase a home in the next year is an awesome resolution!

Make the right appointments, meet with a lender and see what you need to do to be able to purchase within the year! Whether it’s saving more, increase income or decrease debt; learn the steps to homeownership.

Being a Homeowner has so many advantages:

1. Its a good investment- Value may increase!

2. Build Equity

3. Significant tax deductions

4. Build a strong credit history

5. Create the home you want!

If you would like for Homeownership to be your 2017 Resolution, contact the Janszen Team today and we can lead you to the path of Homeownership!

By, Christina Romanelli